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April 18, 2014

An open letter to my many, loyal fans:

Howdy Folks,

It’s almost Springtime In Alberta (almost), and here I am, still busy with the ranch and writing new songs and, yes, preparing to tour again this Summer and Fall . . . go figure! At 80 years old, I figured that I would be hiding out in some warm climate, sipping a cool drink and embarrassing all of the beautiful young fillies. But instead, I am shoveling snow in subzero weather and hiding out in the old Stone House, writing new songs for what I hope will be a great, new CD. Guess we’ll all have to wait and see how that ends up!

We have given a handful of concerts in Canada and the United States this winter and I am quite gratified at the warm welcome I continue to receive from the sold-out audiences. It wasn’t that long ago that I thought my voice had left me forever and I was resigning myself to an unthinkable end to my performing career. Through a series of almost miraculous circumstances, I found a new voice surgeon and a very good singing coach and together,  my new team has got me right back in the saddle. So I guess you are stuck with me for a while longer my friends.

Thanks for your continued support and I will look forward to seeing you down the road, Someday Soon!



February 18, 2014

Commenting on Ian Tyson’s performance on Feb. 8, 2014.

Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 9:00 PM
To: Paul Mascioli
Subject: Re: Ian Tyson


Ian was amazing! He sang 2 full sets and a 5 song encore. The sound was pristine (thanks to Steve Loree, our sound man) and Ian was very pleased with it. He was very gracious and funny in his wry way. He loved the dinner we gave him (homemade chicken pot pie, I sent leftovers home with him). He told me that our audience “gave him energy". It was a home town sold out crowd and, of course, he received 2 standing ovations.

 His beautiful voice was perfect and resonant and he did not seem to tire onstage at all. I listen to a lot of live music and have seen many incredible shows in my life but I have to say, Ian's show was a true delight and one of the best I have ever seen. He is a true professional and deserves to be called a “legend". The audience was ecstatic!

 Thanks so much for sending Ian to us.


Suzanne Searle
Beneath The Arch Concert Series
Turner Valley, AB

January 14, 2014

Ian Tyson talks about Bob Dylan and The Beatles

watch the video

June 19, 2013

Congratulations to Ian!


Roots Solo Recording of the Year

Corb Lund – Cabin Fever – AB
Del Barber – Headwaters – MB
Ian Tyson – Raven Singer – AB
Keri Latimer – Crowsfeet and Greyskull – MB
Leeroy Stagger – Radiant Land - AB

Winner will be announced Oct. 6th in  Calgary

June 17, 2013

Recent review of the new CD – All The Good ’Uns Vol. 2.


IAN TYSON/All the Good ‘Uns V. 2 

Covering his last five albums, which have taken 14 years to get here, this fatly tracked set can only serve to whet the whistle for digging deeper into these albums if you missed them the first time around.  One of the last of the great folkies that’s never given up the ghost, the old cowboy’s take on cowboy culture has a keen contemporary eye leaving no dust on him as he approaches 80.  If he wasn’t Canadian, we could claim his as a national treasure.  This is real stuff from the true vine. – Chris Spector

June 13, 2013

A post about "All the Good 'Uns, Vol. 2" by Ian Tyson has recently been published on the New Canadian Music website.
Click here to check it out

May 9, 2013

Press Release


Ian Tyson, Canada’s iconic singer and songwriter, turns 80 in September, but his energy remains undimmed — and he’s releasing a second “best-of” compilation of songs from some of the dozen-odd albums he’s recorded for the Edmonton-based Stony Plain label.
The new collection — the follow up to All the Good ‘Uns, his 1996 Gold album — will be released by Stony Plain Records on May 21.
Titled All the Good ‘Uns Vol 2, is a collection of 19 recordings — including many of the “story” songs that Tyson has crafted about life in the west, the vanishing cowboy culture, and a few of the more personal songs that reflect the singer’s own experiences. The new CD is distributed in Canada by Warner Music, and in the United States by ADA.
The songs, chosen by Tyson and by record label head Holger Petersen, are taken from five of the dozen Ian Tyson albums Stony Plain has released over the years.

A familiar voice returns
Tyson is also celebrating the near-complete recovery of his voice, badly damaged six years ago by the combination of a near-deaf rock and roll sound man at a massive outdoor county music festival, followed by a cold virus that wouldn’t quit.
“I fought the sound system, and lost,” he recalled. “I remember coming off stage and telling Ray Benson, of Asleep at the Wheel, ’Ray, I think I hurt my voice.’ I saw a doctor, and he said, basically, live with it.”
Tyson was forced to learn, with courage and craftsmanship, to sing his songs with what he called “my new voice.”  Two superb Stony Plain albums, Yellowhead to Yellowstone (2008) and Raven Singer (2012) saw a wide range of new songs presented in a uniquely intimate, arresting and heart-to-heart voice.
“Late last year, I did three nights of my annual shows in Longview, near the ranch I have south of Calgary,” he says. “The last night was really hard, so I figured I’d have to do something drastic.”
He visited Tom Gillis, a Calgary ear, nose and throat specialist. “He checked me out very carefully, explored my throat, and found a whole mountain of polyps down there. The operation to remove them, and a continuing course of therapy with Katherine Ardo of the Canadian Voice Care Foundation seems to have done the trick.”

Looking at the future with clear eyes
Closing in on his 80th birthday, he looks back at five decades of a career that’s earned him countless awards, the Order of Canada, and a devoted following.
He has concerts booked well into next year, including three shows in early July at Calgary’s Martha Cohen Theatre and fall dates across the country with Corb Lund.
At the same time, he continues to supervise his working ranch; this is a man for whom “the cowboy life” is an ever-present reality.
And Ian Tyson stares at the future with clear eyes and a weather-worn face. Bring it on, he seems to say. Meanwhile, the songs keep coming and the stories he shares are as true as a well-worn saddle. 


A tribute to longtime Western singer and songwriter Ian Tyson

A tribute to longtime Western singer and songwriter Ian Tyson was unveiled today in downtown Calgary. The Calgary Transit public art piece features the lyrics to Land of Shining Mountains, displayed in glass and stone.

Ald. Druh Farrell says the art project, which is on a transit utility building wall at Seventh Avenue and Ninth Street S.W., was part of a plan to bring poetry to Calgary’s downtown.

She says when they decided on cowboy poetry, it was clear that Ian Tyson was the right fit.“We went through the lyrics together of all of his songs and, of course, the Land of Shining Mountains really stood out for us. It is a quintessential Alberta song. It's a beautiful song.”

Tyson says this is the right song to pick because it reflects a modern urban Alberta. The song is off of his 2005 album Songs From the Gravel Road.

“When Ald. Farrell called me, I guess it’d be year ago now or more, I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of what we were doing,” said Tyson, laughing. “Of course, now that I see it, it’s wonderful and it’s very clear, but I kept thinking New York Subway and graffiti or something.”

Local musicians Chris Gheran and John Rutherford sang on the C-Train, while Tim Hus performed at the event.




Allan Gregg in Conversation

Watch the Ian Tyson interview by Allan Gregg on TVOntario about Ian's live and his memoir "The Long Trail" (30 minutes)


The Long Trail by Ian TysonIan's book

The Long Trail - My Life in the West- Autobiography by Ian Tyson.

A Canadian icon on his longstanding love of the West and his life. "I live on a ranch about six miles east of the town of Longview and the old Cowboy Trail in the foothills of the Rockies. On a perfect day, like today, I can't imagine being anywhere else in the world. Of course, I'm not going to say there aren't those other days when you think, 'What am I doing here?' It's beautiful country and it can be brutally tough as well." Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson's journey to the West began in the unlikely city of Victoria, BC, where he rode his dad's horses on the weekends and met cowboys in the pages of Will James's books, and eventually followed that cowboy dream to rodeo
competition. Laid up after breaking a leg, he learned the guitar, and drifted east, becoming a key songwriter and performer in the folk revival movement. But the West always beckoned, and when his marriage to his partner
and collaborator Sylvia broke up and the music scene threatened to grind him down, he retreated to a ranch and work with cutting horses. Soon, he'd bought a ranch in Alberta and found a new voice as the renowned Western Revival singer-songwriter and horseman he is today. This book is Ian's reflection on that journey...


Available at Hitching Post Supply





Ian Tyson Limited Edition Guitar Launched by World's Smallest Guitar Store

Canadian-based guitar makers MacKenzie & Marr are launching the Ian Tyson Limited Edition Guitar to pay tribute to the folk and country music legend's classic, unembellished style.

The Ian Tyson Limited Edition is a solid wood instrument with a factory installed Fishman Sonitone Onboard Preamp System. The top is 3A solid spruce with scalloped x bracing and mated to solid Akoumé back and sides. It boasts the strong bass of a superb dreadnought-styled guitar without the associated size and bulk, and without burying the mid and treble response delivering a deep, rich sound. It's a flat-picker's guitar that doesn't leave a finger style player lost when he moves up the neck.


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